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Welcome To

Welcome to and online community for actors by actors geared to help guide their careers. What Does They Do? All members get an actor profile where they can upload thei…


The Risk Of Opioid Addiction After Weight Loss

Obesity is quite an issue in nowadays’ world. With the spread of fattening food, everyone can’t keep their dimes to themselves. So the obesity rates grow higher and manufacturer’s pockets grow heavier…

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Pop Culture

The Baddest Fitness Girls On Instagram!

We have scoured Instagram of the baddest fit girls on the net and we think we have come up with a pretty great list! A lot of people have their favorite and yes they are each bad in their own way. Her…

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Our Favorite Kylie Jenner 2017 Photos!

#KylieJenner is one of the most followed people on Instagram and we are about to show you why. Her accounts is one of our favorites and always pushing the boundaries with her racy photos. Later this s…


7 Sexiest Celebrity Bodies

Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder. In fact it certainly is, along with a lot of other adjectives. But most of us share a common ground enough to appreciate a list of the seven sexiest cel…


New Trek Pics Leak

  Months yet remain until the third film in the rebooted motion picture franchise of Star Trek hits the big screens (or the small for that matter). But a new Trek pics leak offers a few…