New Trek Pics Leak



Months yet remain until the third film in the rebooted motion picture franchise of Star Trek hits

the big screens (or the small for that matter). But a new Trek pics leak offers a few slight

glimpses into the #Movie.

Instagram and other social media went abuzz for a few hours as half a dozen photos appeared,

showing Kirk, Bones, Sulu, Spock and Chekhov aboard what looks the bridge of the USS

Franklin (concept art of which leaked months ago). Another shot shows the director on the same

set, with still another his giving Kirk directions. We also saw Uhura evidently taken prisoner (at

least someone seems to have some kind of weapon at her back) as well as Bones and Spock

amidst rocks, one of them wounded.

Whether this was a genuine leak or a planned bread crumb for fans is anyone’s guess.

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