The Risk Of Opioid Addiction After Weight Loss

Obesity is quite an issue in nowadays’ world. With the spread of fattening food, everyone can’t keep their dimes to themselves. So the obesity rates grow higher and manufacturer’s pockets grow heavier. And who has the time to shed all that fat when you can simply slice it all away? Weight loss surgery is becoming more famous with every passing year. In 2016, 196,000 patients went under the knife for a slimmer waist.

So, What’s Opioid Addiction?

Well, weight loss surgery is not exactly a trip to the park. Post-op pain is very common and subsequently doctors recommend their patients to intake opioid medications like Vicodin, Percocet and OxyContin. But the post-op pain stays for a couple of months, maximum, then it is gone when the patient’s body starts regenerating and healing. But, the patients unknowingly become addicted to these strong pain-meds and end up taking them even after their surgery with months.

Solid Proof

opioid addiction

Researchers conducted studies and analyzed stored data to find out how many patients are actual opioid addicts. Turns out, 1 in every 4 patients regularly kept intaking their pain meds 1 whole year after their surgery. Opioid overdoses and deaths have tripled from 2000-2015. Moreover, careless prescriptions jotted down on chits of paper by tired, fed up and exhausted doctors also lead to opioid addiction. But, certain guidelines have been straightened out and the risk of wrong prescription has been minimized greatly.

Moral of The Story

It is very easy for you to pack on pounds but losing them is a chore. Especially if you are too lazy to work out and healthily loose the fat. So, what you can do is these things:

Eat healthy, no junk food, no fats, watch your diet.

Regular checkup exams to ensure your health’s safety.

If you do pack on weight, do NOT opt for surgery as the side effects are numerous in number.

Go for slow and steady workouts and be consistent.

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